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expanding chucks

Torque activated chucks

The mechanical expanding chucks are the most common solution for hydraulic unwinding stands. They are suitable for unwinding high weight rolls with high speed. Their activation is done just by torque itself – in the moment the roll starts to unwind, the expanding lugs activate and perfectly grip and centre the core. The smooth surface of lugs prevents excessive creation of dust and makes it possible to unwind to the last layers. The higher the torque the higher the tightening moment of the mechanical chuck – no chance of core slip. The chucks are practically maintenance free, no jam risks due to dust in lugs and they work reliably even with steel or fibreglass cores.

The chucks with sliding flange are highly durable and practically failure-free. In any case, the maintenance is very easy and quick to do. The chucks´ life span is more than 10 years without any spare parts needed to replace. Therefore we are confident to provide 24 months guarantee.

There is a wide range of various designs and modifications like double-diameter mechanical chucks, quick-change chucks or chucks with more diameter adaptors for more materials processed at the same time. We design and produce the chuck exactly to your production needs (weight, speed, torque), including the flange according to provided mechanical drawing or our technical measurement right in your production plant.


Available models and designs:


Very popular model suitable mainly for paper industry and corrugated cardboard producing machines processing always one core diameter rolls. We supply designs with diameter from 70 mm to 12″ with possible additional adjustments.MECHANICAL MODULAR EXPANDING CHUCKS SERIES “SM”

In the contrary to series S this modular model offers rapid interchange of cages which makes it very practical to use with different cores´ diameters. This particular model considerably decreases idle times while changing materials and therefore increases work flexibility and efficiency. Maximum load always depends on the internal journal and its different combinations can be found in the technical document.


Two- or three-stage chuck allows mounting of different cores without dismantling the chuck of the machine. This model is a little longer but makes an ideal choice for frequent change of core diameter.MECHANICAL EXPANDING CHUCKS WITH SLIDING FLANGE – “COREKICKER”

This type of chuck automatically kicks the core out of the machine using spring or hydraulic alternatively pneumatic thrust exerted on the shoulders of the sliding flange.