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pneumatic expanding shafts

Pneumatic expanding shafts

The pneumatic expanding shafts are used for winding and unwinding of materials throughout the whole processing sector. By inflating the inner bladder shaft expands and firmly fixes the core for its inner diameter. Using expanding shafts makes it possible to effectively pass torque on the roll – decelerate while unwinding or accelerate when winding up. The pneumatic expanding shafts are standardly used in paper industry, for deflating plastic films, in fiberglass blankets production, nonwoven production, flexible packaging production, printing, packaging and other areas of business.

.Our shafts are made by Italian production company SVECOM having more than 50 years of experience, 150 employees and production plants in Italy as well as USA.

web-sluzbyWe design shafts according to your application – body to the roll specifications (width, weight, drag), bearing parts exactly to technical measurement on site or supplied drawing. All shafts are very durable and practically maintenance-free.