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expanding chucks

Pneumatic activated chucks

Pneumatic and pneumatic-mechanical chucks are the way out in applications with changes of torque directions during winding or unwinding. It mostly considers motorized unwinding stands where engine firstly powers the shaft to get it at working speed and then decelerates it to keep the tension. Tightening force  of pneumatical chucks doesn´t derive from direction or torque moment but stays constant given by air pressure in the chuck. These pneumatical chucks are also suitable for applications with high weight and speed roll  unwinding. They perfectly centre the core and therefore prevents it from any deviations and vibrations during high speed unwinding. It is less used type due to higher price and more frequent maintenance compared to mechanical chucks.

There is a wide range of various designs and modifications like double-diameter mechanical chucks, quick-change chucks or chucks with more diameter adaptors for more materials processed at the same time. We design and produce the chuck exactly to your production needs (weight, speed, torque), including the flange according to provided mechanical drawing or our technical measurement right in your production plant.

The pneumatical chucks require regular maintenance though it´s easy and quick to do. All spare parts can be quickly dispatched from our storage.


Available models and designs:


This modular model offers rapid interchange of cages which makes it very practical to use with different cores´ diameters. This particular model considerably decreases idle times while changing materials and therefore increases work flexibility and efficiency. SEVERAL-STAGE CHUCKS

Two- or three-stage chuck allows mounting of different cores without dismantling the chuck of the machine. This model is a little longer but makes an ideal choice for frequent change of core diameter.