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pneumatic expanding shafts

Expanding shafts with leafs

The shafts with leafs are mainly used for winding rolls absent the core or for winding on very thin cores when lugs or strips might deform the thin core. While inflated wide leafs expands which makes the whole shaft diameter larger. These shafts are suitable for applications with high torque and we usually see them in flange option. They are made of robust steel body, wide aluminium leafs and standardly one-sided built-in mounting.a

web-sluzbyThe journals are designed exactly to your production´s needs, according to provided mechanical drawing or our technical measurement right in your production plant.

web-dilyThere is a wide range of solutions applicable for all kinds of installations from low to high weights, from slow to high speed processes.


We offer different models and designs:


This variation has the leafs all around the circumference, which, when inflated, all extend and thus fix the roll over the entire circumference and the entire width. The shafts ensure high resistance to torsion and therefore it is possible apply very high tension while winding.


All the leafs except one strip are extending the diameter of the shaft. The one strip is firmly screwed to the body and does not move. The material beginning is placed beneath this strip and fixed very firmly with a rubber band. Subsequently, the material can be wound on the enlarged body and after winding easily pulled off the shaft.